The Autism Project

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Get to know us a little better.

Tam Bennett


Tam has extensive training in Autism specific interventions and education, almost 20 years of experience on the ground with numerous children with ASD, and hands on experience in a wide variety of settings. She has been involved in the set ups of Autism units around the world as well as two Carousel Units and an Early Intervention Class locally. She is passionate about advocating for people with Autism on a variety of levels, and has been strategically involved in founding Autism Botswana. She has coauthored the Hands On Autism course and trained numerous educators, parents, and professionals nation wide for Autism; South Africa. The Autism Project was birthed out of a local need for personalized and individualized programs for children with ASD. Tam believes strongly in trans-disciplinary intervention where therapists and practitioners work closely with families to provide a consistent and collaborative programme in all settings. Unlike many purists, Tam does not believe in a one fits all approach to treating Autism. She sees every child as unique and tailors their home and centre based programme to ensure that the child reaches their potential. Tam is committed to both sharing and continuing to extend her knowledge and has collaborated with other key professionals in the field of Autism to design a comprehensive, practical, and invaluable Autism specific training: The Autism Project Course. Tam is driven by the goal of inclusion in South Africa and to that end is committed to supporting schools and ECDs in a variety of inclusive projects

Michelle Braithwaite

Supervising Practitioner

A part of The Autism Project from it’s inception, Michelle holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology (Honours). Her international experience working with children has fueled her passion for working with our special children and keeps Michelle working every day to find unique solutions for the children in her care. Michelle is responsible for managing multiple case teams, providing home and school support, running Buddy and LEGO club as well as leading monthly clinic meetings. She has contributed to the development of a local Carousel Stream and Early Intervention Class, the successes of which are testament to her growing skill in the field of autism.  She continues to upskill herself whenever the opportunity presents itself and can usually be found trawling the internet for golden nuggets to help the children in her care.  Michelle’s responsible and diligent nature as well as her commitment to continuously upskilling herself, makes her an invaluable and irreplaceable leader of this team. 

Sanam Ramkissoon

Senior Practitioner

Sanam's strong personality and playful nature, along with a background in psycholgy and years of experience in a myriad of settings, makes her an irreplaceable member of this team.  She is calm under the toughest of situations and yet able to get down on the floor with her younger kiddies and play it cool with the older children entrusted to her.  Her strengths include social skill devlopment in older children, behaviour management and being readily available to her team for support and a laugh just when it's needed.  

Grace Duff

Junior Practitioner

Grace brings to our team, both local and international experience in   the  field of autism and holds an honours degree in Psychology as well as a PGCE certificate. She is a lively and enthusiastic  young woman who is passionate about autism and taking care of  the environment.  Grace's sense of fun and her steadfast belief  in the children in her care are an excellent foundation as a valued practitioner and her  knack of connecting to her kids is awesome to watch. She is a uniquely quirky, committed , bright and shiny member of our team and although only having joined us in December 2020, she is already an integral part of The Autism Project.

Orielle Kallie

Senior Practitioner

Orielle comes to us with a background in psychology and a passion for bringing out the best in our children.  Not only does Orielle act as a Senior Practitioner, she also runs one of our Early Intervention Classes.  A studious and committed person, she manages her caseload and classroom responsibilities with diligence it needs to be a success.  Orielle is a team player and a welcome and loved member of the Autism Project.

Chanel Subramoney

Junior Practitioner

Chanel comes to The Autism Project with a strong foundation in Psychology and several years of experience in autism specific intervention.  She is a studious young woman who can always be relied upon to have her children's best interests as her first priority.  Chanel's calm, quiet nature is an asset in challenging situations and together with her attention to detail is a winning combination in a practitioner and she has quickly become a valued member of our team.  We are thrilled to have her at The Autism Project - as are the children in her care.

Sona-Lee Lorrick

Junior Practitioner

Sona Lee joined The Autism Project in March 2021 and brings with her a wealth of skills and experience in education.  Currently persuing her Masters in Education, she also has international experience teaching and has lectured for Embury, Higher Institute of Education.  Sona-Lee is quirky, fun and passionate about teaching our kiddies in the best way possible - through joy and using their strengths.  She has jumped right into the deep end of her work here and is thriving, loved by the children in her care and has rapidly carved out her own essential place in this team.