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Practical Solutions

Helping individuals with Autism thrive.

About The Autism Project.

The Autism Project strives to provide practical solutions to families with children on the autism spectrum as well as for professionals and organisations working with autistic individuals. The Autism Project team believe strongly in a trans-disciplinary team approach, in which the sharing of skills, goals and the delivery of interventions ensures generalization of and consistency for our children – two vital ingredients for progress! We see the essential need for our families to be well supported and living in a happy environment and as such, families’ are trained in the basic strategies used in our sessions.

Our Services.

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    Making use of a “combination approach” to autism-specific intervention, our team provides 1:1 centre or home-based individualised intervention for children on the autism spectrum, as well as social skills, support groups and Lego Therapy Club.

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    Behaviour Management

    The Autism Project provides a combination approach in managing maladaptive behaviours in the form of preventative measures as well as a more formal behaviour plan. Our team works closely with all members of the child’s team, including the child’s school, therapists and family members.

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    Training & Workshops

    We are fortunate enough to have created a large and diverse team which has afforded us the opportunity to create a variety of courses for families, facilitators and professionals.

    The Autism Project is committed to equipping teachers, parents, facilitators and carers and anyone who works with children with autism.  We are able to come to your school or organization and share useful tools and strategies to help you to make an impact on the lives of children you work with or care for. 

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    School Support

    The Autism Project Team provides school support in a variety of ways and we are proud to be a part of the solution as our country makes the transition to inclusive education.