The Autism Project


We love hearing what our parents have to say.

Parent Testimonal - Mrs Naidoo

TAP's work is truly exemplary. The team itself is made up of hardworking dedicated and qualified individuals who are all passionate about their work and often go beyond the call of duty to assist the parent and child. I have had the privilege of getting to know all the therapists on the team and they have all blown me away with their genuine passion and dedication to their work. Each one of them are unique and accomplished in their own right and show so much love towards the kids they work with. 

They have made all the difference in my child's journey. For that I cannot thank them enough. They are led by the kind hearted genuine director Tam Bennet who ensures that every child gets the intervention they need. They work hand in hand with parents to ensure the child's needs are met.

I will always be grateful for the work that they do and the impact they are making in this community. I salute you team keep up the good work.

CA Naidoo

Click Here for a Video Testimonial from the Berry Family


Doug Berry's Video Testimonial

Parent Testimonial - Senica Chetty 

The Autism Project is one of the first places where I've felt like I could take a deep breath and relax, knowing that my son is in good hands. After searching for answers, help, schooling, and the right therapists, I've finally found a place where both my little one and I feel safe and comfortable, where both he and I get all the support, tools and encouragement we need in this journey. I have seen my little one progress and develop, hit milestones, and perform activities that he couldn't or wouldn't do a year ago. Monthly clinic meetings enable me to get feedback from each member of his therapeutic team, so that we can all work together on the best way forward for my child. The Autism Project is less of a place, and more of a family that holds your hand while providing the structured, tailored help your child needs. And just like a family, we celebrate every triumph and breathe through the not so great days, but through it all, I can rest assured that the focus will always be on what is best for my child.

Parent Testimonial - Ria Naidoo

Tam and her wonderful team of practitioners have been a big part of our son's journey for almost 5 years and we are truly grateful to have such experience coupled with an evidence-based approach available to us on the North Coast! 

Parent testimonial -  Mrs Paula Eaton 

Personalised support for autism is the way to go. 10 years into our autism journey, I finally feel like I am at the right place! 

Testimonial - Justin Byrne

Tammy and her team are amazing! Tammy has dedicated most of her life to assisting families with autism. This is very clear in their passion and love they bring everyday.